• [Bowing to Nature: The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke]

  • A long review of this classic science fiction novel. "Classic?", he asks.

  • [On the Improbability of My Existence]

  • What is death, and does it even exist? What about life, then? And where is the decimalised calendar?!

  • [Who Owns the N÷osphere?]

  • Is copyright but a convention, men devolving at a rapid rate, and what has Nikola Tesla got to do with all this ?

  • [Science, Religion and the Science Fiction Idea, Or, Where Would We Be Without Hitler]

  • Have you ever considered the possibility that our real lives last only for ten minutes, fifteen if you are lucky? Or that even you may be one of the chosen few? Read on, and find out..

  • [So What's New? My Thoughts on the Bomb]

  • Are all men animals, savages, or simply mad, heedless of their country, nationality, race or gender? Here we have a prediction made some 15 years ago about how technology will bring about a new age of empires on this world we call ours..

    These articles are copyright 1978-2000 by Barrington J. Bayley

  • [Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: Barrington J. Bayley]
    A short, opinionated introduction and overview to the works of Barry Bayley.
    Copyright 1993 John Clute and Peter Nicholls

  • [Annihilation Factotum: The Work of Barrington J. Bayley]

  • An offsite link to an exceptional article covering Barry Bayley's writing career, from the early days to current work, with precise poignancy. Fully recommended.
    Copyright 1998 by Rhys Hughes

  • [The Brian Stableford Reviews]

  • This is a collection of five reviews and an article by Brian Stableford, published and unpublished in various places.
    Copyright 1975 - 1999 by Brian Stableford

  • [Ian Watson: Barrington J. Bayley]

  • This essay was first published in "20th Century Science Fiction Writers" in 1981 and it describes the core of Barry Bayley's work with vivid precision.
    Copyright 1981 - 1998 by Ian Watson

  • [Barrington Bayley: Knight Without Limit - An Overview]

  • In this article about the life and times of Barry Bayley, Andy Darlington punctures to the essence of a man possessed with genius. Extravagantly entertaining.
    Copyright 1980-1998 by Andrew Darlington
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