• [Love in Backspace]
    One of Mike Moorcock's favorite stories, you could call this one polymorphously entertaining. Yow-wow!

    "Call me Little Tony, backspace rider. There's frontspace, see, where we all live and everything is ordered and spread out, I mean stars and planets and stuff, and then there's midspace, really smooooth so the big starliners can use it to move around in, and there's backspace... "

  • [Doctor Pinter in the Mythology Isles]
    A reprint of this 1992 story, originally published in The Dedalus Book of Femmes Fatales. Available at the revolutionSF website.

    "There is a surplus of females in the Mythology Isles, Doctor, if you are interested," he said. "Mostly tourists, looking for adventure."...


  • [The Little Robot] available only in japanese translation
    This brief story reads like the perfect introduction to the authors work, combining humor with far-future speculation and robots, icing the cake with philosophical notions.

    "Can the future be known? For a long time the answer had been, no, the future cannot be known. Then, as with many 'impossibilities' raised in the name of science, the impossible was attained. The future could be known."

  • [Enemies of the Golden Mean] available only in japanese translation
    This is a grotesque fable, too grotesque for some, to see print..

    "There remains the possibility of forging a real human will. We may then oppose that will to the will of the cosmos. Then, and only then, can our will be called our own."

  • All stories copyright 1998, 2000 by Barrington J. Bayley