• [The Charles Platt Interview]  
    July 4, 2000
  • "A good Barrington Bayley story will give you an idea which is unlike anything you've ever read anywhere else. And there are very few writers I can say that about."

  • [The Vector Interview]  
    December, 1983, by Eric Brown
  • "My greatest hero of all time is the inventor Nikola Tesla, who had the unusual faculty of controlled hallucination.. "

  • [The Mike Moorcock Interview]  
    August 30, 1999
  • "I sometimes think he's much more of an 18th century 'natural philosopher' than a modern writer. He even looks a bit like Voltaire! "

  • [Why Limit Yourself?]
    June 1998
  • "I've toyed with the idea of a matrix for constructing alien minds.."

  • [Sex and the Sense of Wonder]
    April 1998
  • "..I used sexual imagery much in the way it is in ancient mythology, i.e. to impart the idea of cosmic forces.."

  • [Rocketships, rayguns, robots and big band jazz..]
    February 1998
  • "There is something of a sense of wonder in 20th century artforms in general, in terms of a search for 'strangeness', but mostly one has to say it's only properly conveyed through the transmission of ideas."

  • [Interzone Interview]
    1990, by David Pringle and Andy Robertson
  • "'Ideas' are ten a penny. It's doing something with them that counts."

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