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A small list of recommended booksellers.
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List of all the books, with links to the individual book pages.
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Further reading; authors and books, links.

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[james blish]
[philip k. dick]
[charles l. harness]
[a. e. van vogt]

recommended off-site links:

[jeff vandermeer]

one of the finest new authors of the fantastic; an excellent site!
[brian w. aldiss]
the official website of this exceptional author and critic.
[j. g. ballard]
a new resource on all things ballard - the site to visit, and preferably often.
an excellent resource on all things about and by Michael Moorcock.
[ian watson]
one of the most imaginative writers in sf.
an excellent finnish online sf-magazine.
the news-zine of the sf scene.
[event horizon]
the finest online magazine.
a fabulous reprint arcive with fiction, reviews and more.
the finest in new short-fiction.
online fiction magazine.
[ribofunk 1997]
a brief essay by Paul DiFilippo. Not related to BJB in words, but certainly in heart.
[the time centre times]
The journal of the International Michael Moorcock Appreciation Society.


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