Barry has finished a new non-fiction book on the Tarot, THE MYSTICAL HOLOGRAM, which will be looking for a publisher in 2003.

ALL of Barry Bayley's novels are being reprinted by Cosmos Books. You can order copies directly from the website by clicking here.

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December 7 , 2002 -
INTERZONE will publish an interview I conducted with Barry in its next issue. Besides containg information on SINNERS OF ERSPIA and THE GREAT HYDRATION, it will also include details on Barry's new nonfiction book on the Tarot, THE MYSTICAL HOLOGRAM.

April 30 , 2002 -
THE GREAT HYDRATION is now available through amazon.com, and various other online outlets! You can order directly and support this website at no extra cost to you, by clicking here.

March 07 , 2002 -
THE SINNERS OF ERSPIA is now available through amazon.com, and various other online outlets! You can order directly and support this website at no extra cost to you, by clicking here.

February 02 , 2002 -
First off apologies for the lack of updates in several months. There simply hasn't been time to make any changes to the site. I hope to update the site in a few days' time with a new Japanese Translation of a short-story, as before courtesy of Takahashi Makoto.

In the meanwhile, FANTASTIC METROPOLIS has reprinted Barry's excellent and extravagant Love in Backspace! They also have included on the site a wonderful exchange, The Bayley-Moorcock Letters, an "old farts' fireside chat between Barry and Mike Moorcock."This promises to be an extended exchange of letters that will be updated soon and often. Highly Recommended!

September 27, 2001 -
We are delighted to offer you this proposed theme outline for a new Warhammer 40,000 book, set after the vents of the earlier EYE OF TERROR:

An Age of Adventure

September 17, 2001 -
It has been a long time coming, but finally the first four reprints of Barry's books are available at various online booksellers. You can access the bookstore section here.

September 05, 2001 -
After a long delay, I'm proud and happy to present another Japanese translation to the site, from the expert hands of Mr. Takahashi Makoto:

Enemies of the Golden Mean

As before, if the link above does not work, please try here.

August 22, 2001 -
Last week this website was named the Site of the Week by the major British newspaper The Guardian. You can read the review here. Thanks kindly!

Other recent developments on the site:

I am in the process of preparing the Japanese translation of "Enemies of the Golden Mean" to the website - I hope to have it up by next weekend. The translation is again provided by the industrious Mr Takahashi Makoto.

I am also attempting to make some material available, both in Japanese and English, to i-mode wireless devices. More on this as soon as I can research the issue, but I would be happy to receive any comments and suggestions relating to this if you are interested in the service. You can email me at bjb@oivas.com - or simply use the small form below. Thanks!

August 13, 2001 -
If you would like to be notified when the new reprints are available, fill in the form below

Email : Comments:

July 30, 2001
I have just made a small addition to the Japanese section of the website, easily enjoyed by all visitors - a sampling of 8 covers from Japanese editions of Barry's books. You can enter the gallery here.

July 24, 2001 -
I am delighted to announce a new section to the site that is in the process of being created - specifically for Barry Bayley's Japanese friends and fans. To start off, we are happy to offer Japanese translations of stories on the website. A lot of hard work has been put into this by Takahashi Makoto whose translation of "The Little Robot" can be read here. Please note that it is in UNICODE format and there may be problems accessing it with older browsers; you can also try this link.

July 24, 2001 -
I hope there have been no serious problems accessing the site, but in case you have faced any, please note that we are in the process of changing hosting servers.

April 19, 2141 -
Can the future be known? For a long time the answer had been, no, the future cannot be known. The behaviour of the real world is governed by 'chaotic attractors', and these can never, except in restricted cases or artificial conditions, be calculated. But the future is now. Support CRF.

"The Little Robot"

March 21, 2001 -
After a long set of delays due to a lot of reasons, I'm happy to announce that four of the Cosmos Books reprints are on their way to the printers: THE KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS, FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS, THE SOUL OF THE ROBOT and COLLISION WITH CHRONOS. As soon as they are printed, the information as to how you can purchase the titles will appear here. The publication of SINNERS OF ERSPIA and THE GREAT HYDRATION has been slightly delayed, but they are very much on the way.

You can view the covers for these new editions through these links: CHRONOPOLIS, KNIGHTS, SOUL OF THE ROBOT

A temporary website for Cosmos Books is up here.

An improved version of this website is also under works, but the scale of the current contents requires rather massive reorganization and design and thus it will most likely take quite a while to execute.

I do hope to make some additions to the archives in the near future.

January 03, 2001 -
After a long delay, I've made some slight adjustments to the site - there are a couple of additions to the bibliography, including another INFERNO! short-story, "Hive Fleet Horror" which I've not yet had the chance of reading.

"It Was a Lover and His Lass" will make its appearance in an original anthology instead of "Fantasy Annual" - more details to come. The publication of SINNERS OF ERSPIA and GREAT HYDRATION proceed, and the first reprints should be appearing soon in a store near you. KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS is amongst the first group to be published, as are SOUL OF THE ROBOT, FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS and COLLISION WITH CHRONOS. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, if you wish, you can see which novels the visitors to this site enjoy best - the book poll results can be accessed here.

October 31, 2000 -
Interzone has recently published two new short stories by Barry, "Planet of the Stercorasaurs" (August 2000) and "The Worms of Hess" (October 2000). The November issue will include "The Revolt of the Mobiles", and Sean Wallace of Cosmos Books has recently bought "It Was a Lover and His Lass", a fantasy short, for his upcoming original anthology "Fantasy Annual".

September 21, 2000 -
As you see above, great news for y'all. Cosmos Books is an imprint of the Wildside Press, and they are putting great weight to the new line-up, which includes not just Barry's work, but also books and collections from Eric Brown, Robert Silverberg, David Langford, Brian Stableford and host of others. Further news will be posted here as they arrive.

Also my apologies for taking a long break from updating these pages, but I made a transatlantic move to Southern Indiana and that has taken a lot of time and effort, and will continue to do so - but I hope to be posting some new material here as soon as my time allows. In the meanwhile I hope you'll still find something interesting in the archives that you've not yet seen or read, or perhaps join the mailing list for discussion about the books and the stories and with the possibility of getting some special treats before they are published on the website.

August 17, 2000 -
The guestbook has been reworked - please feel free to drop a comment there, or read the previous entries.

August 16, 2000 -
I've had no time for updates here for a small while due to various reasons (including a major trans-atlantic move on my part as well as a fried computer), but many have noticed that the address of the page has changed to a new domain - oivas.com/bjb - which will hopefully remain a permanent address from now on.

Also, I'd like to say hi and thanks to all the Japanese fans visiting the site recently, thanks to Ohmori's Low-Fi Sci-Fi Page which has kindly linked here. I can't read the pages but I'm sure they are full of interesting information. Barry Bayley is of course a three time winner of the Japanese Seiun award for the best translated novel, which goes to tell you that over there good sf is well-appreciated.

If you'd like to help make this site more than it now is, I'd love to get any foreign coverscans that haven't yet been added to the database - you can check out all novels and images I have so far here starting with Star Virus. I have a couple of Japanese covers, one Dutch, one Finnish and one French cover, but there are still numeorus others I haven't yet found. Any help is much appreciated. You can also see the translations bibliography for many works that are available in other languages.

I might also tentatively add that there may well be some major publishing news to report here in the near future.

July 16, 2000 -
I had the pleasure of talking with Mr. Charles Platt on his friend and once-collaborator Barry Bayley, as well as many related issues - including his history with the New Worlds magazine and the state of sf today. You can read the interview here.

June 10, 2000 -
I will continue slowly adding short-story information to the database - see for example the stories published in Science Fiction Adventures, and an example of a later story, "The Ur-Plant" (from interzone, 1983). These pages will contain information on the magazine, the story - including synopsis, review, commentary and the like.

A new short-story has been published in the Games Workshop Inferno! magazine, issue 18, called "Battle of the Archeosaurs". More details to follow.

May 12, 2000 -
I'm happy to announce the publication of a brand new short-short story by Barry Bayley, exclusive to the website; "The Little Robot" - available here by kind courtesy of the author. Enjoy!

I have also added to the archive several non-fiction pieces:
- Bowing to Nature, a long review of The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke
- Chain of Chance, a brief review of the Stanislaw Lem book
- The Ultimate Threshold, a brief review of this collection of Soviet SF
- On the Improbability of My Existence, a light article from a forgotten fanzine

As always, please feel free to send comments, questions, suggestions and anything you feel like. If you want to join discussion on Barry's work, there is a mailing-list available. Or you can drop a note to the guestbook. Most of all, enjoy!

May 6, 2000 -
I have updated the bibliography section with several non-fiction pieces, as well as with a new short-story which will be published on this site in the near-future. Stay tuned.

An annotated checklist to Barry's stories published in "Science Fiction Adventures" can be found here. This is only the beginning of what will eventually be a very large database to every story Barry has written, with story synopses and opinionated insights, and much else. Enjoy.

Also, thanks to Willem Timmer, I have added information on the Dutch edition of THE GARMENTS OF CAEAN to the translations bibliography. You might also want to check out Willem's pages for the fantasy writer Robin Hobb.

March 20, 2000 -
A new short-story, "The Sky Tower" is to be published in early April in the second issue of Spectrum SF. The magazine looks very promising based on the first issue, with work by the likes of Garry Kilworth, Alastair Reynolds, Eric Brown and Stephen Baxter. Check it out.

March 01, 2000 -
I have added an essay by Barry to the archive: "Who Owns the Noosphere?". Is copyright but a convention, men devolving at a rapid rate, and what has Nikola Tesla got to do with all this ?

January 27, 2000 -
A. E. van Vogt passed away yesterday, January 26th 2000. R.I.P.

January 26, 2000 -
I've just added another review to the archive, one of many to come. This is a review of two books, FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS and THE GRAND WHEEL, by Chris Evans, originally published in Vector September 1978. Also, both CHRONOPOLIS and THE SOUL OF THE ROBOT have additional coverpictures on their respective pages.

January 24, 2000 -
A new short-story by Barry will be published in a forthcoming issue of Paul Fraser's Spectrum SF, a magazine ready to demolish the domination of Interzone as the sf magazine of UK. Besides Barry's "Sky Tower", there will be stories by Eric Brown (whose interview with Barry can be read here), Charles Stross, Stephen Baxter and Garry Kilworth. To name a few. They will also be doing books in serial form, starting with Keith Robert's DREK YARMAN, a sequel to his KITEWORLD. Who knows what'll be next...... check it out.

December 02, 1999 -
There is now a search facility to the site, which you can access through this link.

Eye of Terror has been published.

November 19, 1999 -
I've added the entry on Barry Bayley from the John Clute and Peter Nicholls edited ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION to the archive, with many thanks to Mr. Clute. Also will be adding his review of Pillars of Eternity here soon, as I will with a great number of other reviews by a host of people and plethora of publications, all with the gracious assistance of Mike Cross. Just as a teaser, here is a review by Pamela Sargent, to whom our thanks as well.

October 27, 1999 -
I've added a review of The Grand Wheel to the archive, with thanks to Colin Greenland and Edward James for permitting its republication here, as well as to Andy Sawyer for sending me a copy. Its inclusion here doesn't mean that I agree with Colin though.. but you might find it an interesting piece, somewhat at odds with most of what I have here so far.

Also belated thanks to Mike Cross, for a lot of fascinating stuff he has provided me with, some of which I hope to add to the archives at a later date. Stay tuned.

As always, feel free to send comments, suggestions, thoughts about the additions or any of the old stuff, anytime.

October 11, 1999 -
No additions here, but I have updated the outlook of the A. E. van Vogt and James Blish pages with some graphics. If you haven't yet read the articles by Marc-André Brie, I'd heartily recommed both. And I'd recommend you to re-read them if you have. Excellent stuff.

Elsewhere on the net, should you be interested in the juvenile fiction and picture strips Barry and Mike Moorcock worked on in the late 50's and early 60's, I'd like to recommend Mike Burrows' Heroes of the Spaceways website. It's loaded with details about the magazines and the artists - from Harry Harrison to the legendary Frank Pepper.

October 10, 1999 -
I've just updated the bibliography with a couple of new stories and other details, thanks to Phil Stephensen-Payne's contribution.

October 9, 1999 -
I've added to the archives an older interview with Barry, courtesy of Eric Brown, from 1983. A big bunch of thanks to Eric and Michael J. Cross for providing the text.

October 1, 1999 -
The Black Library web site has a page for EYE OF TERROR and they should soon have a sample chapter available.

September 8, 1999 -
[inferno] A new short-story has been published in the Games Workshop magazine "Inferno" (#14) called "The Lives of Ferag Lion-Wolf".

As always with these franchise works, one should remember that they are written under clear guidelines and are often rewritten to fit the bigger scheme of things in favor of individual ideas and sf content, and thus should not be regarded as "serious" work.

I have also updated the bibliography so that I've separated the franchise work from the rest of the fiction.

September 1, 1999 -
EYE OF TERROR is set to be published on October 31st, 1999. Details will be added as soon as I get them.

August 30, 1999 -
Added an interview with Mike Moorcock on his collaborations with Barry.

August 25, 1999 -
Added a new section to the bibliography - translations to non-english languages.

August 22, 1999 -
I've had no updates unfortunately for quite a while, having been rather busy elsewhere. In the meanwhile though Max Wilcox has been busy updating his excellent Mike Moorcock website Terminal Café with loads of fascinating stuff. Not least amongst which is a short article by Barry on his collaborations with Mike.

I have just started a mailing list for Barry's works, to which you can subscribe to by following this link:

Click to subscribe

July 1, 1999 -
I've added several reviews and an article by kind courtesy of Brian Stableford to the articles section. I've not yet managed to properly proof-read them, so should you note any blatant typos and oddities in the text, I would appreciate a quick note so that I can correct them.

June 13, 99 -
Added the book poll on the main page, so when you arrive a small questionnaire will pop up if you have the javascript setting on in your browser.

May 30, 99 -
I added a few pictures to two of the bookpages; COLLISION WITH CHRONOS and THE ROD OF LIGHT.

March 18, 99 -
I just added a small article here, courtesy of Ian Watson to the archive. If you haven't read his work yet, your next stop should be the local bookstore or the library. I can't think of any equally inventive and entertaining writers of sf in this day and age. Except for Barry, of course. :)

March 15, 99 -
I have made extensive changes to the layout and contents of the individual bookpages. You can now take a 'tour' of all the books, starting for example with STAR VIRUS.

March 13, 99 -
As I'm sure you can see there have been some changes here, and more will be forthcoming the next week. I will slowly change all the pages that need any adjusting to fit into this new look/environment. I would be glad to hear any suggestions, and as there will undoubtedly be several pages' worth of errors and problems - I'd be glad to be informed of any major blunders I've made.

Unfortunately I've also had some problems with my e-mail recently, so if I haven't replied to you, it is due to this. I'm working on correcting the problems and most likely all the mail I've been sent is saved, just not accessible..

March 04, 99 -
A quick update here - there is available on the web a new article about BJB (by Rhys Hughes). Originally published in "The Zone" fanzine last year, Annihilation Factotum comes courtesy of The Council for the Literature of the Fantastic.

February 20, 99 -
There haven't unfortunately been many updates here recently, but fear not - some 'behind-the-scenes' work is being done even if it proceeds slowly. I should have a few small additions to the bibliography to add in a while, and that descriptive list of short-stories is still under work too, but it means reading reference books, articles, the actual stories and so on - it takes time.

Another thing that may happen here someday soon is that this turns into a framed site, thus the whole outlook would change a bit - you can take a peek at my Willeford author pages, which has been an experiment of sorts. I like the way it works, but any pro or con comments about this would be appreciated. You can give me a quick comment here (you could also include your name/email in it, for a reply):

Or you can send me a longer comment here.

January 2, 99 -
I've finally managed to begin the work on a Charles L. Harness site, which I mentioned here already in April 98 - you can look at the basics here. As to why mention this here - if you aren't familiar with his work and enjoy Barry's stuff, you should try some of it. Harness is one of his major influences and for example FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS is an attempt at a similar "crazed time-opera" as Harness' THE PARADOX MEN is.

"One thing I liked about Harness was the sense of sheer intelligence in his writing. His stuff is as imaginative as anything you will ever see, but also totally controlled -- a marvellous combination of extravagance and restraint. I have a sort of concept or barely formed vision at the back of my mind about the sort of science fiction I really want to write, and Harness comes closest to it." - Barry Bayley, 1998.

December 11, 98 -
Ellen Datlow kindly linked to this site from her exceptional webzine, Event Horizon. You should most certainly visit it, as the material included is not only unique to the net, but of such standards that any printed magazine will pale by comparison. It's all for free, for us readers, supported by advertising, so take a moment and visit them. You might not want to come back, but it's a risk worth taking.

I'm currently working on a descriptive list of all the short fiction of Barry's - included will be comments by the author and critics, as well as short summaries by myself.

Another current project is trying to get a message board installed here, but as I'm not at all familiar with cgi-scripts it may take a while. But I'm working on it.

December 1, 98 -
I've slightly remodelled the bibliography, and added a review section to it. These are not full reviews (though should I find copies and get permission to include them here, I will do so), but a listing of reviews published in various magazines.

November 25, 98 -
No big updates this time, but a few items have been added to the bibliography. I'll be adding a new section here soon, which will list reviews of Barry's books found in various magazines.

October 25, 98 -
There is now a form here which you can use to leave me messages straight from your web-browser. You can leave out your name or email, but if you do include them I will answer all queries the best I can - also all suggestions, wishes and comments are most appreciated.

October 24, 98 -
Okay - this is the first update at the new address; the pages are here today but still being tested and polished a bit, so some images and links may not be working perfectly yet, but I'll be fine tuning this for the next days (and weeks). The major update done today was to reduce the image sizes on each individual bookpage, yet retaining links to the larger and better images as well - the loading time should be a lot less now (example).

Small additions were also made in the bibliography.

October 22, 98 -
There has been nothing new here in a while, but some major changes will take place in the near future - I will move all the pages to a new advertisement-free location and hopefully will be able to update them a bit more regularly. Also my old e-mail address "jlin@xgw.fi" is now defunct - I'll leave a new address here soon; in the meantime I can be reached at jasperodus@hotmail.com, or by leaving a comment in the guestbook.

September 17, 98 -
Well the Borges page seems to have been delayed a bit, and I will be on holiday for the next two weeks - so most likely there will be no new inclusions during that time. I have some items to add to the bibliography though, so as soon as the vacation is over I will be updating that section.

August 27, 98 -
I should be adding a new Jorge Luis Borges page here (as a 'related author') soon. Again, the article which is the core of that page is courtesy of Marc-André Brie, and it's terrific. If you haven't yet done so, you could also see the two other pages he has written, for James Blish and A. E. van Vogt.

August 17, 98 -
Barry has just signed a contract to write a book in the Warhammer 40,000 universe (100,000 words, to be completed before this Christmas!) - probably familiar to some of you through the few novels Ian Watson has written in that setting. Whether this will ever see publication is another matter, as Games Workshop already has about 30,000 words of unpublished work of Barry's in their archives (some of which may see print in the forthcoming issues of "Inferno!").

Barry's second unpublished novel (besides SINNERS OF ERSPIA), which was briefly mentioned earlier, has now its own page, with a synopsis by Barry; THE GREAT HYDRATION.

Also, the A. E. van Vogt page has been completely remade. It now boasts a wonderful article by Marc-André Brie. I'll add another page filled with commentary on individual novels and short-stories tomorrow. Enjoy!

August 14, 98 -
I've added a questionnaire to the site - if you'd like to take a few minutes and fill it up, I'll be able to improve the site in the future. I'll add more questions later, but I thought it would be worthwhile to test this first.

The old guestbook seems not to function properly, so I'm adding a new one here; you can leave a comment here for now until I update the rest of the pages.

View guestbook
Sign guestbook

Also updated the Beyond Bayley! links slightly.

August 13, 98 -
There is now a new "book" page for the long novella, "Duel Among the Wine Green Suns" - the details are still brief as I only received the first part today and haven't had time to read it, but more to follow.

Also updated the Used Books & Magazines page.

August 11, 98 -
Added three cover-scans to the book pages; KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS, GARMENTS OF CAEAN and COLLISION WITH CHRONOS. All kindly provided by Jim Goddard, who maintains the Official Brian W. Aldiss Website. He btw has several rare BJB books for sale: including all the aforementioned ones and other first-edition hardcovers, some signed by BJB. If interested, you can reach him through the Aldiss website (which is definitely worth a visit or few), or by sending him e-mail at jim.g@virgin.net.

August 5-6, 98 -
The Andy Darlington article mentioned earlier, Knight Without Limit, is now available here. The illustrations will probably be still noodled with, but basically it's now in the final form. Enjoy.

July 28, 98 -
A short-story by Barry Bayley, "Children of the Emperor", is now available in specialist shops; the magazine is called Inferno!, and is published by Games Workshop.

"Hoarse screams and the screech of tortured hot metal filled the air. Massive laser blasts were punching into the spaceship.."

It's not quite as this beginning suggests, but an interesting tale, which ultimately -- and perhaps surprisingly -- has more in common with THE SOUL OF THE ROBOT than with THE ZEN GUN. The Games Workshop publications aren't to be taken too seriously, though - the published material tends to be written under guidelines and is frequently rewritten.

Also, I seem to have gotten most of my overdue workload to ease up a bit, so hopefully I can pay a bit more attention to these pages now again.

July 23, 98 -
I've been rather busy of late to make m/any adjustments or additions here in a while, but today I got a permission from Andy Darlington to include his long, detailed and excellent article, "Knight Without Limit" to the archive. It will take some time due to the length, but it should be here late next week. No promises though. Gracious thanks to Andy!

July 08, 98 -
The graphic uphaul has now happened - I hope you enjoy the new look and find it easy to use. All comments, suggestions welcome!

July 07, 98 -
The short-story, "Destructo, Wonder-Worker" is now online.

A LOT of changes coming up real soon now; I've revised the whole index page, but it will need some additional pages to work, so during this week the look of the site should change to a more pleasing one.

July 06, 98 -
The short-story is now transcribed and should be available here by tomorrow.

July 03, 98 -
The new interview is now online. I will begin transcribing the short-story to the web during the weekend: whether it will be finished next Monday.. I wouldn't venture a guess. I'm updating the bibliography continuously; there is a short-story out now, in a magazine published last month, called "Inferno!" (issue 7) - whether this is a reprint or not, I don't know. More when I find out (it might be the short-story that was supposed to appear in FISHERS OF THE WARP, an anthology, in 1995).

There is also a new page for the unpublished novel, THE SINNERS OF ERSPIA, with some brief information (the cover on the page is NOT real).

One of the more recent projects is compiling information about various translations; I know the Finnish ones, and a list of Polish translations was kindly provided by Piotr Gociek. If you have any knowledge of translations in any other languages, please let me know.

July 01, 98 -
Received a letter from Barry yesterday and, as soon as possible, the third interview will appear here. Also, a new short-story called "Destructo, Wonder-Worker" will be available. Written in the 70's, though revised later, it hasn't been previously printed. Enjoy!

Also some small corrections are being made here and there, and the bibliography is being updated.

June 23, 98 -
Updated and revised the bibliography.

June 22, 98 -
Included a review of THE FOREST OF PELDAIN by Marc-André Brie.

June 12, 98 -
The Jeter pages now have their own updatepage.

I've been fiddling again with the look on those individual book pages here -- a continuous progress (or regress, depending on your taste) which hopefully will not cause too much head-shakings amongst y'all. For an example, look here.

I will be absent from the net for about a week now; taking a small vacation, so no updates presumably before June 22nd.

June 10-11, 98 -
The James Blish page is now available. The look will change in the near future, but into what nobody knows.. I do have ideas though.

June 4-8, 98 -
The Jeter pages are slowly approaching something like a cohesive shape - I will be adding small information there as I have the time to either search for it or write it. Also the Blish page is forming up nicely and it should be available for you during this week (I'm out of touch/reach for the next week, so as much as possible will be included here in the next few days). No additions to the BJB pages in a while, but the bibliography will be revised and updated pretty soon, I hope.

June 3, 98 -
Building the smaller K.W. Jeter site after all - originally conceived in November '97; there is now an introduction/biographical part as well as a bibliography with some brief reviews. A small James Blish-page is nearly done as well, text courtesy of Marc-André Brie.

May 22, 98 -
Expanding the personal links page; not BJB related links in particular.

May 19, 98 -
Included information and graphics from the original publication of STAR VIRUS, in New Worlds.

May 18, 98 -
Finally included the second article by Barry Bayley, "So What's New? My thoughts on the bomb...", to the archive.

May 12, 98 -
May 12, 98 -
Small corrections here and there and I started doing some of the graphics again and inserting some new ones - both of the recent interviews (April 98 and February 98) now have new titles. There seems to be some troubles with the guestbook too.. if for some reason it gives you an error message when you try to leave an entry, let me know and I'll see if I can get a new one. I managed to get a test message there after about 5-6 tries..

May 5, 98 -
Included two more small author pages here, for Brian W. Aldiss and A. E. van Vogt. The Charless Harness page is delayed as I plan something a bit larger for that.

May 4, 98 -
After one week's absence I now have included the second previously unpublished fable, "Invitation to the Voyage", by Barry Bayley, to the archive. I did actually, during last week, change the 'opening' page of this address from my personal page to just the entrance point to the Astounding Worlds!

April 23, 98 -
Included the unpublished short-story, "Enemies of the Golden Mean", to the archive!

April 22, 98 -
Small bits; corrections and the forthcoming material listed in the index page.

April 20, 98 -
The new interview is here, as is the long article, "Science, Religion and the Science Fiction Idea, Or, Where Would We Be Without Hitler?". Enjoy!

April 17, 98 -
Received a letter from Barry Bayley today with answers to a second set of questions I sent his way. He also kindly gives permission to include some fiction and non-fiction to this archive. All this will be posted here soon.

I started building a set of pages for authors with similarities to Barry's writing and the first one is done; for Phil Dick. Charles L. Harness is coming up next, but this is delayed due to the above.

April 16-17, 98 -
All the individual book pages have been revised. The look is different and the images are sharper and there are also several new covers included as well as other small details. You can pick one from this index, or see for example the page for The Fall of Chronopolis.

April 1-6, 98 -
Small details work only as I've been rather busy elsewhere, mostly updating links and most recently added some information and images. There is now a page for The Seed of Evil, so all the published books have now their own pages. It seems that these book pages didn't work as they should have with MS Explorer (I did them using Netscape), but that problem should be fixed now too.

Mar 17-18, 98 -
A small visual tune-up of the individual book-pages; they should look a bit better than before. Here.

Mar 16, 98 -
Included the thanks page.

Mar 10, 98 -
Kind thanks to David Pringle, from whom I got the permission to reproduce the Intezone Interview with Barry, from 1990.

Mar 05, 98 -
Fairly extensive remodeling process continues, with the new main index page. Should be much more pleasing to use now. Most sections should be turning from darker hues to lighter colours, as can be seen in both the introduction and the interview.

Mar 04, 98 -
Added a few short stories to the bibliography as well as included the graphics to the interview.

Mar 03, 98 -
Included the interview with Barry Bayley, conducted by mail during this February.

Mar 02, 98 -
A completely new outlook for the big essay, with some erroneous information regarding the novels corrected. It should be much more pleasing to actually read now. There will be further revisions to this essay, so it should still be considered a draft. Also added my review to The Fall of Chronopolis page, as well as a picture. Am also slightly (slowly) revising the outlook of all the individual book pages, and later probably the whole site.

Feb 24 - 26, 98 -
Adding links and details to the Beyond Bayley! -section.

Feb 25, 98 -
Added the Knights of the Limits page, and added the cover image to the booklist and bibliography.

Feb 15-20, 98 -
Working on the links page. No BJB links here.

Feb 04, 98 -
Updated the bibliography, the short-story section should be very close to being complete now.

Feb 03, 98 -
Received a letter from Barry Bayley, with some extremely pleasant information. I will send a set of questions to him later this week and as soon as I get his responses the interview will be available here in full.

Jan 21, 98 -
Updated the 'record review', and the 'books read' section on my page, as well as linked the BJB novels listed there to their individual pages.

Jan 16, 98 -
Updating bibliography and added information and cover art from the 1978 restored version of The Garments of Caean. I've also started a rereading of his books, after which I intend to revise the essay (again) and write reviews of each novel.

Jan 5, 98 -
Built the individual book-pages for each of BJB's books, and added booklist to the index, as well as added this page to the BJB index. Also added a fuzzy picture of Mr. Bayley to the introductory essay, as well as started hyperlinking the whole archive.

Jan 2, 98 -
Started building the individual book pages in the BJB bibliography section, and will try out various background images around the pages.

Dec 30, 97 -
Updated the BJB bibliography.

Dec 15, 97 -
Added my short-story, "The Navajo Know" to the main page and removed one of those first chapters'.

November, 97 -
I haven't really been updating this page, but basically all that is new here is on the BJB pages - I've been adding details, revising the essay, adding links and stuff, as well as slightly changing the design of the bibliography. A few links were also non-functional, so they should work now. This will continue, while the 'main' page will probably remain mostly the same. I've also started building a K.W. Jeter page, which will take some time.

Oct.13-15, 97 -
book links to the BJB index and most of the links in the japanese noise section should also work now.

Oct.05, 97 -
further graphic changes to the BJB pages; mainly to shorten the loading time and to make it more pleasant to the eye.

Sept.28 - 30, 97 -
a major upheaval of the BJB page graphics and some small adjustments.

Sept.16, 97 -
added the index page to the BJB section and started adding the record reviews. added this page.

Sept.14, 97 -
revised the index page, added some graphics, added BJB's illustrated bibliography, revised BJB introduction and added graphics to it, fixed the link to Spinrad's comments about recent Finncon '97, and other small repairs.