the ring of ritornel (1968)

The appearance of THE RING OF RITORNEL is something of a publishing event. It is a brand new science fiction novel by the American author Charles L. Harness, and almost legendary figure in SF circles. After a brilliant writing career in the late 1940's and early 1950's, he turned to the law, specializing in patent work in his home state of Maryland.

His first novel was THE PARADOX MEN. His second, published in 1953 in the magazine Authentic SF, was THE ROSE, considered by Arthur C. Clarke and others to be one of the finest science fiction novels ever written.

THE RING OF RITORNEL creates a future world of terror and beauty, peopled with remarkable characters such as Omere, poet laureate of the home planet, Goris-Kard, and his brother Jamie, who is trapped between the opposing forces of Ritornel and Alea, a reluctant pawn in the future of his universe.

It is a science fiction novel of the most imaginative, poetic and stimulating kind, and it is at the same time exciting allegory of birth and rebirth, life and death, creation and re-creation.

"It is an unfortunate rule... that the bad writers write too much, the good too little. Charles L. Harness has always written too little." - Brian W. Aldiss


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