the rose (1966)

charles harness: the rose

originally published in a 1966 "authentic sf" magazine in the uk. it has been published several times either on its own or as part of a collection. most recently it was included in the career retrospective AN ORNAMENT TO HIS PROFESSION - published by NESFA press.

authentic sf 1966
berkeley pb 1969
compact sf
panther 1969
nesfa 1998

some editions include the short stories:
The New Reality and The Chessplayers


The year 1953 is a hallowed one to such connoisseurs of Science Fiction as Arthur C. Clarke, Michael Moorcock, Brian W. Aldiss, Judith Merrill and Damon Knight. It was that year that a novel called THE ROSE appeared in the British magazine, Authentic SF. It was only the second novel by the American Charles Harness, but he was already a highly regarded writer by those in the know. It was also, unfortunately, his last, until his recent resumption of writing and the publication of a long-awaited new novel, THE RING OF RITORNEL.

THE ROSE depicts an ultimate confrontation between science and art, brilliantly and wittily played out between three unforgettable leading characters:

Anna van Tuyl - a composer and also a practising psychiatrist
Ruy Jacques - Anna's lover
Martha - Ruy's wife, who is perfecting a deadly weapon that will render science supreme over art

Here, at last, is a U.S. edition of this superb SF novel, an exciting event for all admirers of little-known science fiction gems.


"...behind all the extravagance, and making full use of it, is Harness's mind, reasoning (where normally the SF writer rationalizes or reacts) and concerned (where most SF rejects) with the fundamental issues of human existence." - Michael Moorcock, 1965








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