The Burnt Orange Heresy (Crown, 1971)
Cockfighter (Chicago Paperback House, 1962 - exp. 1972)
Grimhaven (1985) [unpubl. sequel to Miami Blues]
High Priest of California (Royal Giant Editions, 1953)
The Hombre From Sonora (Lenox Hill Press, 1971) [orig.title: The Difference, as by Will Charles]
Honey Gal (Beacon Book, 1957) [orig.title: Black Mass of Brother Springer]
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Dennis McMillan, 1987)
Lust is a Woman (Beacon Book, 1957) [orig.title: Made in Miami]
Miami Blues (St. Martin's Press, 1984)
New Hope For the Dead (St. Martin's Press, 1985)
No Experience Necessary (Newstand, 1962)   
Off the Wall (Pegasus Rex Press, 1980)   
Pick Up (Beacon Book, 1954)
The Shark-Infested Custard (Underwood/Miller, 1993) [exp.version of Kiss Your Ass Goodbye]
Sideswipe (St. Martin's Press, 1987)
Understudy For Love (Newstand Library, 1961)   
The Way We Die Now (Random House, 1988)
Whip Hand (Gold Medal, 1961) [published under the co-author's name; W. Franklin Sanders]   
Wild Wives (Beacon Book, 1956) [bound with High Priest of California, orig. title: Until I am Dead]
The Woman Chaser (Newstand Library, 1960) [orig.title: The Director]


Everybody's Metamorphosis (Dennis McMillan, 1988)   
Machine in Ward Eleven (Belmont, 1963)


Outcast Poets, The (Alicat Bookshop Press, 1947)
Poontang (New Athenaeum Press, 1967)
Proletarian Laughter (Alicat, 1948)


Cockfighter Journal (Maurice Neville Rare Books, 1988)
A Guide For the Undehemorrhoided (privately printed, 1977)
I Was Looking For a Street (1986) [autobiography]
New Forms of Ugly (Dennis McMillan, 1987)
Something About a Soldier (Random House, 1986) [autobiography]   
Writing and Other Blood Sports (Dennis McMillan, 1999) [forthcoming]   


Cockfighter (1974)
directed by Monte Hellman, starring Warren Oates as Frank Mansfield
Miami Blues (1989)
directed by George Armitage, starring Fred Ward as Hoke Moseley
The Woman Chaser (1999)   
directed by Robinson Devor, starring Patrick Warburton as Richard Hudson


Willeford by Don Herron (MacMillan, 1997)


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