Jul 07, 2000
Turning another gear the Willeford site shamelessly, in order to buy loads of Mexican beer and cheap cigars, has now opened a "bookstore". You can buy the stuff that's in print now and of course thus support this site.

Jun 26, 2000
No updates here for a long time, but if you need some of these classics, there are new editions out at the excellent No Exit Press - they print not only the Hoke Moseley books and the Willeford Omnibus, but they also are reprinting the scarce Woman Chaser. Check out their website here.

And when you run out of Willeford titles to read, you could do a lot worse than checking some of the other authors in the No Exit stable; they carry modern classics by the likes of Daniel Woodrell, Jack O'Connell, Edward Bunker and many others.

Also, a while ago Atlantic Monthly ran an article on Willeford, which is online.

And, of course, Dennis McMillan has published the collected nonfiction of Willeford; Writing & Other Blood Sports.

Oct 18, 1999
Maura McMillan has just now opened her Willeford pages, a part of the Dennis McMillan publishing conglomerate.. you should, as hard as it will be to return here afterwards, check them out. Excerpts from all the novels and more, plenty of pictures and other items of great interest.
Sep 21, 1999
I have added a separate site for the upcoming film adaptation of Woman Chaser.
Sep 20, 1999
Made some additions to the bibliography.
Sep 19, 1999
Nothing major this time, but I added a page with some info on Whip Hand, and hopefully will manage an update, include some new cover scans, soon.

Apparently also there is a new movie adaptation of Woman Chaser, which will premiere next month on a NY film festival. More news on that as soon as I get any.

April 25, 1999
No updates here recently, but you should go and see the new Dennis McMillan website.

February 19, 1999
News from Dennis McMillan added to the miscellaneous section - there is one reprint and one collection to be published during this year, and he also has many rare, out-of-print titles available.

I've also done a few corrections and additions to the bibliography.

February 05, 1999
A few links added.

February 03, 1999
Added a page for UNDERSTUDY FOR LOVE, as well as added several coverscans to books that have yet no pages. Also updated the page for THE WOMAN CHASER.
February 02, 1999

January 30, 1999
I've just added this page and removed the message board system: you can leave notes and thoughts to the guestbook and there is the alternative forum of discussion at the rara-avis mailing list.

Between the time I started this page and now, I've mostly added basic information to the bibliography and not much else - there are new pages for several of the books, and more appearing as fast as I can get the necessary information to build them. The latest is for MACHINE IN WARD ELEVEN which I just recently got a copy of and finished reading yesterday - I'll try and write a small review of it soon and post it here as well.

That's it for now. Leave a note at the guestbook if you find this interesting.

January 11, 1999
This website is only getting started - it was created in a rush and on a whim last Saturday, January 9th 1999.

It's my first attempt at a frames site (I have a few non-framed you can find here), so there may well be some tech-related stuff that I just don't plain understand, and I'd appreciate you reporting any major errors and such.

Also, any contributions will be most welcomed - just send me a comment, critique, say "hi", submit a review, article or an interview or anything you think might be appropriate - additions to the far less than perfect bibliography, cover scans, thoughts. Anything. I'd like to hear from you. If I know somebody is actually finding this useful or interesting or worthwhile, I might get more done on it too.

Most of all though, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy this.

--Juha Lindroos


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