I'm not really breaking the genre, just bending it a bit
"No one writes a better crime novel than Charles Willeford."
- Elmore Leonard

"Quirky is the word that always comes to mind. Willeford wrote quirky books about quirky characters, and seems to have done so with a magnificent disregard for what anyone else thought. He started out writing soft-core paperback porn, and while I could name a score of writers who began that way, myself among them, he's the only one I know who chose to publish the books under his own name. He didn't mind seeing them republished years later in hardcover, either. Does this mean that he took them seriously? Or just that he took them no less seriously than he took anything else?"
- Lawrence Block

"All of Charles Willeford's writing is marked by the unusual: devious plots, dialogue rich in innuendo, eccentric detailing of even the smallest roles, wry touches of perversity, sardonicism, plus an overall no-nonsense truth to chcracter."
- Andrea Juno and V. Vale

"I'm not really breaking the genre, just bending it a bit."
- Charles Willeford


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