Lou Stathis: Introduction to High Priest of California
Jesse Sublett: One of the Great Ones

Charles Willeford: Jake Dover as Existentialist  
Charles Willeford: Jim Tully: Holistic Barbarian  


Jim Carvalho: Territorial Testimony: The Difference  
John Marr: Don Herron Lays Out the Life of Charles Willeford [Willeford]
Marv Newland: Hoke Moseley's Last Case [Grimhaven]


rara-avis:Charles Willeford [from the excellent website of William Denton]
tangled web: Charles Willeford

Maura McMillan has just now opened her Willeford pages, a part of the Dennis McMillan publishing conglomerate.. you should, as hard as it will be to return here afterwards, check them out. Excerpts from all the novels and more, plenty of pictures and other items of great interest.

Dennis McMillan  
The publisher of several limited edition Willeford books and his biography/memoir by Don Herron. An excellent site with several samples of Willeford's works, including the abovelisted articles.

Jim Tully  
Novelist, journalist, lecturer, Hollywood columnist of the 1920s and 30s, road kid, chainmaker, boxer, circus handyman, tree surgeon; an inheritor of the tradition of the literary wanderer, and father of another, the school of hardboiled writing. Part of the Dennis McMillan publishing emporium.


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