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Though we list the Dennis McMillan published "Difference" here, I urge you to go directly to his site and purchase it straight from the publisher - you can do thus here. And check out his other stuff too.
This may be the best book the Man ever wrote; it peruses Willeford's interest in the art world and fits the scene with his usual barrage of dysfunctional people - which is not to say it's recycling the old, rather he is again reinventing himself and is obviously having fun in the process. This was his first ever hardcover original and justly so.  Classic stuff.
As the title says - this one collects the two autobiographical books Willeford wrote; the first, "I Was Looking For a Street" tells of his early years as a hobo and the second, "Something About a Soldier" goes into his experiences with the US Army in Philippines.  Fascinating stuff - you can see where he drew the stuff of his fiction from.. 

"Anyone who doesn't recognize this as fine writing doesn't know shit." - Elmore Leonard
Willeford's only western, an existential masterpiece.  It was originally published with the godawful title "Hombre From Sonora", as by 'Will Charles', and is next to impossible to find in that edition. But look and behold, the fabulous Dennis McMillan conglomerate reprinted it under CW's desired title and so you too can get your hands on it, finally.  You should, of course, purchase it direct from the publisher. 
High Priest of California HIGH PRIEST OF CALIFORNIA
Willeford's first published work which he wrote on a dare as his friends kept bugging him about his boasts of writing a great american novel. Which he did, in the whole body of his work.  An excellent pulp noir crime whatnot that has a rip-roaring pace and characters that you'd come to recognize from all of his later work as well.   Here's the beginning, and he continued to do thus for over 30 years. 
An early novel, originally published by Beacon books. This edition here is an omnibus collection with some other masterpieces by the likes of David Goodis, Jim Thompson, Patricia Highsmith and Chester Himes.  Pick Up is another great book that defies the genre, or as CW said, bends it.
This is the only detective story Willeford wrote, and as such it's hardly anything nearing the standard. Outrageous and wild, this book had the publishers he submitted it to fuming as it was so depraved and broke all the conventions of the tradition.  Highly recommended.
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