Once upon a time (3/30/51 to be exact), in the small village of Salem in a land called Indiana, there was born unto M. A. Bodenschatz (Queen Mab) and D. H. Martin (King Don) their third, last, and only blue-eyed babe, Little Lime Rhymer.

Soon thereafter, however, King Don fell under the spell of a mighty magician called "Radio" who forced him to build a tall and narrow tower in his honor. No matter how hard she tried, Queen Mab could not undo the evil charm that kept her King in Radio's tower. So after five years of static, she finally fled the village and brought her children thirty miles south to the town of "Knob Knee," which was on a wide and poisonous river called The Ohio. Just across the water was the great and wondrous city of "Lullville," where the grass is blue and the people speak a very different language.

Little Lime Rhymer flourished in Knob Knee and loved to hear the stories of her ancestors. Queen Mab's grandparents had crossed the Great Eastern Ocean to settle in Loogootee, where many others spoke their native Dutch and Deutsch. King Don's family, however, had lived in the land of Indiana for many generations and were the descendants of the legendary frontier King, Davy Crockett: Little lime was delighted when King Don spoke of his grandfather who married an Indian princess of the Cherokee tribe to bring peace to the kingdom.

After twelve years in Knob Knee, Lime Rhymer left her native soil for strange kingdoms by the Great Eastern Ocean in the pursuit of knowledge and soon discovered that Indiana was a beautiful land to be from. Then she wandered many miles to the Great Western Ocean and lived several years in the mythical city of Hollywood. Lime later lived a spell by the Great Middle Ocean, Lake Michigan, with her feline friends Keats and Shelley. She is now back in Knob Knee and hopes to live here, there and everywhere happily ever after.

the lime rhymes