Beware of geeks bearing .GIFs!
So he says to the Shapeshifter waitress, "Keep the change."
I seized the day, but it struggled free and slapped me in the face.
Stop scrapin' the scab off my healin' heart, honey. --Twavis Twit
Freudian Slips: The Underwear of Ideas
Ask not for whom the drummer drums; he beats off for thee.
Friday's Child in a Wednesday World
When finally their minds' eyes met, 'twas love at second sight.
I'd rather be a recluse than a loose wreck.
I'll be baksheesh! --Sheik Yerbouti
I heard it through divine grape / Not much longer would you be ape
Flamenco dancer, castanet round my heart.
Content in proper context is magic in the making.
In a universe of games, s/he who refuses to play is the true winner.
Be extremely dull and maybe the evil soulsuckers will just go away.
I knew Satan in the Bib. sense, and he's a lousy Baal.
a) prophet b) priest c) saint d) monk e) nun of the above
Ethereal for breakfatht ... ith good for you!
Overwrought male pride's a flimsy cover for a guilty conscience.
If you persevere in fanning lame flame, you only make ash of yourself.
We bought the whole nine yards from bolts of whole cloth.
Her bad timing was bottled and sold in Zürich as a novelty item.
He merchandised his issue-waffling, and it sold like hotcakes.
Who me? I'm just the observer observing the observer.
Individuation on ethereal waves over the astral plane . . .
Ever feel like an experiment gone awry?
The angels wanna wear my blue suede shoes.
Takes a lot of BTUs to heat a houseful of ghosts.
Computer not responding to boot? Try flattery instead.
Packing MIND.QWK with PKDICK...
The time is overlong / Your love is understrong
Had one bad rap too many, so they seized my poetic license.
Even at wit's end, I still can muster appreciation of true wit.
Pardon me, could you please help me jumpstart my karma?
Best Blues Chip Stock: Kimberly-Clark Corp.

She was a painting in search of a frame.
Wish all the tabloids would just upChuck and Di...sigh.
Sheesh, Bokonon--not *another* pain in the `karass'?!
A joke of cosmic proportion / A punchline from the gutter . . .
A balanced perspective is the one most often attacked.
monogamy--yea / misogamy--okay / misogyny--nay
`Easy to please' is both a blessing and a curse.
Quiet crying wreaks havoc on the larynx.
My inner voice must have severe and prolonged laryngitis.
Now paying for a lifetime of integrity.
Like lemmings happy to Rush out on a Limbaugh...humbug!
Fantasy can take you everywhere and leave you nowhere.
Couldn't recognize truth if it bit him on the butt.
Only spineless cowards shoot for the easy target.
Earthworm movement against grass-roots organizations is underfoot!
Alternative Music: More Offbeat But Still on the Money
Easier to respect than like, and he wasn't very easy to respect.
Awakened by a nightmarishly pedestrian dream . . .
In the breakdown lane of the Information Superhighway...
It's long past high time.
Knowing what you DON'T want is a good start.
To be held by a man who has no intent of harm, hurt, use or abuse.
A point of healing sleep and sweet dreams -> .
A basically wholesome man with a big tinge of `bad boy' about him.
Does reverse psychology work with the gods?
You need a checkbook for a chick, a personality for a woman.
"This is the best of all possible worlds -- NOT." Wayne Candide
Ram Cat Emperor Fool
Never surf faster than your guardian geek can type.
I prefer a fair mundanity over an unjust divinity.
I could see the "loco" motives in their trains of thought.
Hardheaded against hard hearts
_The Story of Disk-O_: A Hot Keys Tutorial
That an Uzi in your pocket or some horribly grotesque mutation?
The price I paid? Three tears for every smile he gave.
Avoid constant disappointment; give up all hope.
However far I lower my sights, it's never enough to keep up.
Filled with angst and wondering why my ex is tense.
Keep EXpecting to see his name one day in "News of the Weird."
A well-placed foot in the center of his dented chest.
I'm Hooked on Homophonics -- bait UR-2.
I want to live with a synonym ghoul.
Weird how a lot of its usage becomes "wierd how alot of it's" usage.
Concoction: A very big shell sale
Has subjunctive, as it were, become a passe' case?
Grammar Moses adds her two sense.
Eat my butt dust: An insult of great assonance.

Wouldn't feel like a pincushion if the world weren't so full of pricks.

All taglines by Kathleen A. Martin, 1990-1998